Redefining Car Ownership and Car Rentals


Journey Security Advisory

This is to enable you travel and help you to make more informed decisions.

We provide structured, advisory-led travel risk and security management services that are tailored to the needs of your organization.

While working in partnership with our clients, we take into consideration and review what they already have in place and make recommendations based on where the gaps are and industry best

Deluxe Cars & Rentals Ltd

Deluxe Cars & Rentals Ltd is a leading firm in car sales, supplies, rentals and allied services.

Our head office is in Abuja with offices in major cities across the country.

We are redefining car ownership and rental outlook in Nigeria; adding great value and taking clients’ experience to a whole new level.

This we achieve through delivering top-notch services to the Nigerian populace at affordable prices.

Privacy Policy

Despite working closely with you as a team, we stop at nothing to protect and respect your privacy.

For the protection of your personal information, we have in place a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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