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Car Rental Packages
Our package comes with a car and chauffeur. We have a fantastic range of vehicles.

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    We are a one-stop-shop for all your car rental needs and sure solutions to your general transport challenges as there are several options here for you, however, we can assist in your decision making process. We also have a bespoke package to meet your variant needs.

    Note: We do not claim to possess all vehicles. In case your preferred vehicle is not in our fleet, still contact us and we can get it for you.

    Rentals include pick up/drop off and other flexible arrangements such as hourly, daily, monthly and yearly contracts.

Luxury Cars

These cars are exclusive with complete luxury features.

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    There are high-end status cars and they come in sedans and SUVs. This package comes with security details and other VIP treatments. Availability includes Mercedes Benz S550, Lexus LS460, Lexus LX 570, Toyota Land Cruiser and Range Rover.


    • Exquisitely designed interior.
    • Large trunk/boot space.
    • Exceptionally serene and absorbent ride quality.
    • Seemingly endless safety and entertainment features.
    • Opulent backseat with executive class package.
    • Optional supercharged V8 engines.
    • Interior is meticulously appointed and carefully assembled.

Full-Size Cars

They are large status cars and are mostly sedans.

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    They are roomy and provide a great deal of comfort. Availability includes: Toyota Avalon, Lexus GS350 and E350.


    • Quiet and upscale interior with roomy seating front and rear.
    • Capable handling with refined ride comfort.
    • High-quality interior.
    • Generous rear legroom.
    • Smooth V6 engine.
    • Large trunk

Mid-Size/Standard Cars

These are intermediate cars; between full size and compact cars.

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     They are comfortable with good interior features. Toyota Camry, Mercedes Benz E-class, Honda Accord, Ford Fusion.


    • Comfortable and spacious interior with above-average rear seat space.
    • Refined and efficient powertrains.
    • Exceptional ride and handling balance.
    • Available coupe body style.
    • Advanced technology and safety features.
    • Eye-catching style.

Economy, Compact & Sub-compact Cars

They are small and mini-size cars with a moderate level of comfort and good performance.

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    Examples are:Toyota Corolla and Ford Fusion.


    • Impressive fuel economy.
    • Quiet cabin.
    • You get a lot of standard equipment for your money.
    • The infotainment interface is user-friendly.
    • Pleasant ride quality on the highway and in the city.
    • For its size, It has a lot of rear legroom.

Sport Utility Vehicles

We stock various brands and models of SUVs, ranging from Luxury, full size, mid-size and small.

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    Sport Utility Vehicles: These combine in varying degrees, off-road capability, performance and comfort.


    • Powerful supercharged V8.
    • Available seven-eight passenger seating.
    • True off-road capability.
    • Composed handling.
    • One fully equipped trim level.
    • Fuel-efficient diesel option.

Super Cars

For Celebrities and Events

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    • Fuel-efficient engines still deliver respectable thrust.
    • Ample standard equipment.
    • World-class interior craftsmanship.
    • Powerful engines.
    • Standard all-wheel drive.
    • Extensive customization possibilities


Full passenger busses i.e. 18 seater bus

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    Features of Busses

    • Available eight-eighteen (even more) passenger seating.
    • Comfortable and far-sliding second-row seating.
    • Customizable cargo area.
    • Powerful gasoline and diesel engines.
    • Available all-wheel drive.
    • User-friendly controls.


Sienna and other latest Minivans

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    • Comfortable and far-sliding second-row seating.
    • Customizable cargo area.
    • Powerful gasoline and diesel engines.
    • Available all-wheel drive.
    • User-friendly controls.

Trucks and Pickups

We provide the latest Trucks and Pickups vehicles 

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    Trucks and Pickups:


    • Customizable cargo area.
    • Powerful gasoline and diesel engines.
    • Available all-wheel drive.
    • User-friendly controls.

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